Who’s this guy?

James White

I’m James White, a web developer from Nottingham, UK

(Winner of the “cheesiest grin on a profile picture award” 2024!)

What I do

Primarily I’m a front end (ooer!) web developer, I have experience with HTML5, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP and SQL as well as a smattering of other languages. I also have experience with server management, particularly Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu & CentOS as well as various LAMP stacks. I’m one of those guys that likes SSH consoles, because command line is life!

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My current day job

I’m currently working at Central College Nottingham as a Web Technician within the College’s marketing team. Within the marketing team I work on various web projects, email campaigns and other exciting stuff! I’ve been part of the marketing team for over 13 years now and there’s never been a dull day! (except when I look out of the office window and it’s raining).

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