About me

Information you won't find on Wikipedia or Facebook!

As you have probably already figured out by now, my name is James. I have been interested in website development and programming for as long as I can remember. The first bit of code I ever saw was HTML 4 and I thought, that's pretty cool!

As well as website development I’m also quite passionate about IT and computing in general. So much so I’m often the IT tech support for whoever I’m near, I also have the full-time role of family IT technical support, and yes I do charge double on weekends! You can find my key areas of knowledge and experience below in relation to website development and other technical related areas.

Key: What the fancy colours mean

Extensive knowledge
Solid knowledge

My coding experience

  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • WordPress (CMS)
  • Craft (CMS)

Other areas I dabble in

  • Linux
  • Bash/shell scripting
  • Information security/network testing
  • Server administration
  • Website management/hosting
  • Email marketing/campaigns
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM